Our Lil’ Bear Room is full of busy hands and feet! In this classroom, “We Learn by Doing.” Our children begin demonstrating readiness for new skills. Self-feeding, using a sippy cup, developing verbal skills and mastering new physical skills are all practiced and encouraged in this classroom. We incorporate the Baby Signs® program into the curriculum, which encourages language skills, and social and emotional growth.

Our Lil’ Bears have age-appropriate books read to them, and they enjoy looking at books on their own. They also love painting with fingers and feet, and exploring new developmental centers in the classroom.

Our Lil’ Bears enjoy time on our covered patio, where they are introduced to new sights and sounds, as well as mastering their large motor skills. Our Lil’ Bears begin to trust their environment through consistency and predictability. In the Lil’ Bear Room our children begin transitioning to the Giving Tree daily schedule – all the while continuing to have their individual needs met.

Program Offerings By Classroom

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Baby Signs®
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